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3 coaching lessons I learned from my Makeup classes.

Recently, I started to learn makeup and I concluded my 2-week PERSONAL MAKEUP training last Friday I was SO EXCITED to have concluded it, and even more excited to start to practice all I learned on my own face. Excited as I was, there were challenges too, and definitely many

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Now that YOU are pregnant, 3 things to do.

Ah, how utterly amazing to see those 2 red lines, or hear the Doc say YOU ARE PREGNANT, especially in a planned and highly welcome pregnancy. Ok, so pregnancy confirmed, how do you enjoy a FIT and HEALTHY pregnancy? I will share 3 simple changes I put in place immediately

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Hiring a Coach? 3 things to STRONGLY note.

This morning, I thought of what I wanted to start the week with on my blog, and the Holy Spirit whispered this exact topic to me and told me to explain it using my own life story. Even though I come at it from a FITNESS COACH angle, I believe

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Dear CoachE’, Can I lose weight in pregnancy?

Question… Can I lose weight while pregnant? ANSWER?  YES and NO. I will explain. First, hello and welcome to my blog. My name is CoachE’ and I am a Health and Fitness Coach. I help women get fit and strong enough for their God-given assignments. Preggos inclusive. Today, I wanna

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Team #FitFam and PROUD ABOUT IT!!!

Hey yawl, Welcome to a new month and a brand-new week. June is my FAVE month of the year for the obvious reason of it being my birth month, and I am celebrating my birthday this year with my Stay At Home moms. Find details on my personal Eziaha Dotcom

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