Social Media Roundup (Sun 8:07:18 – Sat 14:07:18)

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Hey Blog Fam

It’s been a long weekend. Mamas in the house, how has the holidays been? Remember you are GRACED for every season.

Ok let’s run through what went down on our IG page.
Lets start with something funny. I mean who doesn’t like to laugh?

“Slowly steamed hand battered bean and organic red pepper dumplings, garnished with free range boiled eggs….” All these grammar just to describe Moi Moi and Garri. Definitely moimoi that studied abroad. Catch the full gist here.

Hey, major cheers to my AMAZING Squaddies who have been on top of their games. We had our first weigh in last week Saturday and everyone dropped a few Kgs. I am so happy. There’s nothing as encouraging as putting in effort and seeing commensurate results, both on my part as their coach and on their part as Squaddies. Here’s a sneak peek of what their weigh-in looked like. More results will show this weekend I’m sure.

If you want to join us, there’s still a chance to do so. Registration ends today, as a new Squad begins tomorrow. Please send us an email at or call us on 09055868614. We await you!!!!!

On my SFP page, I put up a post, shouting out to my hubby on how he never made me feel self conscious during my 3-figure days ie over 100kg.

This is to our dear men reading this, please if your woman currently has a body that you are not too comfortable with, do not finish what’s left of her self esteem by speaking ill of her body. Rather than doing that, you can pass your message across to her in love, go for a walk with her, pay for her weightloss plan- I’ve had men who paid for their wife’s weightloss plan – buy her workout kits, eat clean with her, by doing that, she gets the message and will put in her best to reciprocate your act of kindness with RESULTS.

I know I have correct men here, It’s not everytime gra-gra. Or women use style and show your hubby the post here.

I know I have been going on and on about Preggos working out in Pregnancy, so on my Guardian Feature this week, I wrote on 2 Things To Note When Working Out in Pregnancy. Ever heard of the TALK TEST? Or wanna know what to do with fish bone? That’s all in the post.

Also, still about my Preggos, a Preggo Squaddie of mine ate noodles, which was not on her plan. When she shared it with me, I shared my thoughts on Noodles and it’s emptiness and then gave tips on how to FORTIFY it. Post is here

And yes, we also create meal plans for Preggos. You need a meal plan on your Preggo journey? Please holler. You need a group to join where you can stay accountable on your Preggo fitness journey? We can’t wait to have you in our preggos squad, where we are not only Pregnant but saved and fit. What’s more, you get to meet fellow Preggos too, and then ya’ll can motivate each other on your journey and share experiences too.

And still on Noodles, if you have kids who love it, I gave tips here on how to make Noodles FITFAM for kids

On my social media, you also see pictures and videos from my gym sessions. Talked about one crazy chick in the gym who dethroned me as the strong superstar Chick. She was lifting weights like Cray… Ugh. Link here

And it’s a wrap my lovelies 😊😊. If you are not following us on social media yet, please do @coachesquad and

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and of course the LOOOONG holidays, while making it memorable and exciting for them and for us too.



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