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Hello Blog Fam

It’s yet another edition of our Social Media Roundup where we bring to you a Roundup of what went down on our Social Media Platforms. If you have not followed us yet, please do, @coachesquad and on IG. its not possible to bring up everything that happened on Social Media here. Anyway, here goes….

I’d like to begin with a blogpost I did on Training Tips For Prenatal Fitness, where I detailed a couple of workouts and tips to help you navigate pregnancy. May I chip in here that if you are still thinking pregnant women should not workout, you are soooo old skool, as in so 1880. As long as you have been cleared by your doctor and you have an uneventful pregnancy. You can and should workout.

Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery are ATHLETIC EVENTS, you SHOULD TRAIN for them. You might say that our mothers didn’t bother with working out and they went on to have smooth deliveries. My darling, the lifestyle that was obtainable then is not the same in this age. They were more active, they’d walk miles to the stream, engage in farm work, trade in the market etx, unlike today that you don’t need to lift a finger to get things done, talk about online shopping, online jobs, online laundry service, even online cooking sef dey. It’s totally different, that’s why we have to consciously make an effort to be as active as possible in pregnancy.

Been thinking about the kinds of workouts to engage in that are pregnancy-friendly? That post is definitely for you. I even threw in a few tips you’d find helpful generally in pregnancy. Link here, You’re welcome.

Y’all know how much I carry the topic of mums getting it right on my head right? Well, if you didn’t know, please know today. I am an advocate of mamas getting it right because when mums get it right, the whole family gets it right. On my IG page, I shared a strategy we can employ as mums to get our kids to eat healthy, using oats as a case study. Please check the post here. If you have more strategies, kindly share with us please, we are open to learning.

What do you consider before you join a gym? Do you just feel that oh! My clothes no longer fit, I need to hit the gym, and off you go to register, without getting due knowledge. My people, let me tell you for free that action without due knowledge is FRUSTRATING because you won’t see results. This is not limited to weight loss, if you set out on a task without a KNOWING, you’d come back FRUSTRATED. Want to know the factors to consider before signing up for a fancy gym membership? Hurry to my IG page

Finally before I wrap this post up, I’d like to ask… Are you a follower of Christ? How disciplined are you? I ask this because DISCIPLES HAVE DISCIPLINE. Oh! Thank you DDK for this profound statement. May I inform you that your weight loss journey as with every other thing of value in life requires discipline. In this post, I shared an experience I had during the week where I almost fell out on a fitness routine, but for DISCIPLINE.

And it’s a wrap

Till I come again next week, always REMEMBER to let DISCIPLINE be your watch word.


If you are a Stay At Home Mum In D’Buj- Abuja- PowWow with E’ 8.0 is coming to you. I am bursting over with excitement. Its gonna be an exciting time of learning FRUITFULNESS, I really can’t wait. Stay At Home Mums are gonna walk out of that venue with all kinds of fruits growing on their heads. Details on registration here, and hey! We need volunteers too, so if you are led to volunteer, kindly holla.


We have kicked off the second Squad of our coaching window, and as usual, its been an exciting journey. If you missed that Squad, there’s still another chance, registration for the next Squad is here and it closes on Friday, Aug 3 2018, and commences on Sunday, Aug 5 2018. You don’t want to miss it this time.

If interested, Please send an email to or give us a call on 09055868614.


I love you all………


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