Social Media Roundup (Sun 22:07:2018 – Sat 28:07:2018)

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Hello Fam,

It’s been an exciting/fruitful week altogether, I hope it was for the you. My help has returned finally…. yayyyyyyyy. 2 weeks seemed like 2 years (phew).

Anyway, onto the business of the day, what have we been up to this week on our social media platforms.

Hey mamas, how has it been so far? I’m sure a lot of us are counting down already to resumption date 😀😀. Thought to share a few thoughts on Cereals in this post, because a lot of our kids are ‘bess-frenns’ with it, and it could be tempting to give them on demand, if only to have some peace and quiet. While I absolutely understand that, it is also imperative that the benefits our kids get from food is the top reason we feed them certain meals. A number of cereals out there are high in sugar and lacking in the more nutritious stuff your kids need, and seeing how much synergy is between them and kids, I shared in this post a win-win strategy for mums when you serve your kids cereal i.e, you get the best out of them nutritionally while at the same time, getting that peace and quiet that you so desire.

I know a lot of us experience mid-day energy dips -especially mamas, it’s not easy running after a fellow human being biko – and as such we tend to rejuvenate by throwing in the next available food item into our mouth. Now, the interesting thing about the body is that it doesn’t understand if the food that just passed your throat was as a result of a dip in your energy level or not, na, it doesn’t. All it does it breakdown your meal as it comes and distributes it as it should, which means that some of it would be stored in the body as fat.

While it is normal to have energy dips, there’s a smart way to go about it, that won’t need you consuming excess calories and at the same time won’t leave you faint. Full post here.

I’m sure a number of you have been seeing my workout posts, gym posts, healthy eating posts, team fitfam etc and you will be like ‘wow, just look at how effortless it is for her to do this and tha’ My people, can I shock you? It’s not as easy for me as you think it is or as effortless as social media is helping me paint it. I have my own struggles too, just as you have yours, I have times I don’t feel like working out, times when my body is saying NO, stay in bed, times when all my stomach is asking for is ice-cream and pizza and so on. You are not in this alone hunnay, I did a comprehensive post on it here.

Still in the same vein, I did another post where I wrote in detail on 4 things that has kept me on my grind. If you need a bit of motivation to pull through, you can check the post here. Please note that the points I listed in that post are peculiar to me, and I am not putting you under any form of pressure to make them your driving force too. The deal is finding your own inspiration.

And yasssss, my newest feature on The Guardian is out, where I wrote on 3 Vital Reasons You Should Exercise In Pregnancy, although the title I gave the article was ‘Obese? Underweight? Normal weight? Yes, you should exercise in pregnancy.’ Lol. I almost missed it when I was looking at the Newspaper itself. Anyways, so, I quite understand that people might be drab and unresponsive in their attitude to new things if they do not understand the ‘why’. Since working out in pregnancy has not gained much popularity in this part of the world, I think explaining the reasons and the benefits of working out in pregnancy will give us a better perspective about it, and we would no longer see it as a suicide mission. Link to post here.

A Nursing mum was switching from Exclusive Breastfeeding to Mixed Feeding, and she was asking me if she could continue with her mealplan and I screamed NO!!!! Who can figure out why I answered in the negative? Well, if you can’t, here’s the reason.

Finally before I wrap this post up, registration for a new Squad is on. Whatever your fitness needs are, we are graced to handle it effectively. Wanna join our Squad, shoot us an email at or give us a call on 09055868614.

Till next week, stay strong, stay healthy and stay on your Grind.


Are you following me on Social Media yet? The summary above does not do justice to the amazing things you could learn and we could even learn from you too ( I feature interactive sessions on my page) if you follow us. My handles on Twitter and IG ar

e @coachesquad.



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