#CoachE’Sheds… #10kgin6weeks

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Hey Squaddies…

So I am on a weightloss journey yet again. I’ve been low-key eating and chopping up for a while now, and I’ll like to drag you all along for my weightloss.

The last time I did this, I was working from 106kg to 76kg but this time, I’m working from way less than that. 84kg. Thought I’ll hit 90kg but I don’t wanna run out of cloths abeg. The goal is 74kg, so 10kg down in 6weeks

Let’s call me my own Lab rat. I feel like I’m out of touch with weightloss thing so I decided to intentionally do this again, and as before, be very public about it. So I’ll share what I’m eating, workouts I’m doing, challenges I’m facing and of course, results I’m getting.

My goal is huge but I’m not here for baby stuff. I’m willing to put in the HARD WORK then invoke the supernatural on this journey.

I’ll weigh in every Saturday and also take pictures and do an inches measurement so yawl track with me…

Weight 84kg
Stats. 38.5-35-45 (bust abs hips)

And here are pictures

I’m super excited about this crazy journey. My goal, inspire you on a whole ‘nother level to join me and rock this FITFAM lifestyle.

Come back tomorrow for my Day 1 and then daily for the next 6weeks. I have a feeling I’ll conquer this one before 6weeks, God be my helper.

So if anyone has questions on this journey, please comment below and I’ll do my best to answer. Knowledge is so key on this journey.

Hey, the countdown in on
#CoachE’Sheds #10kgIn6Weeks

Let’s do this Chillllllllllleeeeeeee.




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