Day1 #10kgin6weeks challenge: The temptation of HOT COCONUT BREAD

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Ok officially Day 1. I begin my weightloss journey and the goal is 10kg off in 6weeks.

Let’s start with how my darling husband decided to stop at a mobile bakery to buy hot steamy coconut bread. I just bought it and ignored.

Then cos he says he wants to support my weightloss this time, he now got me Apple’s and Pear. It was hard no doubt but I prefer my comfortable Size 10/12 abeg. #EyesOnPrize #LaserFocused

Anyways I woke up to 3 whole cups of tea and a huge water bottle. 1 green tea, 2 flavoured tea and then 1.75L of water.

Water and liquids are a huge part of any weightloss journey. Keeps your belly full and busy. Didn’t do breakfast but I had like 5 spoons of oats and then golden morn as I fed both my kids. Plus the cups of tea.

I never leave an empty belly in the morning.

Lunch was turkey, rice and coleslaw. Plus zobo

Then took an over 1hour brisk walk.

Then dinner was 2 boiled eggs and fish head.

That’s all.

Water and teas really help.

Took my big water bottle and a cup of green tea for cell meeting today so I wouldn’t be famished when we for home for dinner.

You get to pee a ton but small price to pay for my goals.

There you go guys. Biggest temptation today was the coconut bread but no temptation abeg…

Total steps and fitness activity as recorded by my FitBit today (which you don’t need k) was

The morning and the evening, Day 1
#CoachE’Sheds #10kgIn6Weeks

See you tomorrow. Remember God wants to be a part of every area of your life including your weight, so invite Him in and ask Him for all you need.



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