Mindless eating? #Day2…#10kgin6weeks challenge

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It’s Day 2 baby and the cheeseballs was already in my mouth before I realised that I was mindlessly eating yet again…

Mindless eating. A lot of us are guilty. When you just eat casually, without your mind really in it, unaware that last last, na calories sha.

Anyways the moment I realised, I dumped it. That’s the way to go. You don’t have to finish it…

Started my Day with my many fluids…. Safe to say that before 9, I had downed at least 3L of fluid… Green tea, flavoured tea and water. Want for a run at 6am and I almost fainted. Now, I’m gonna keep at running till my cardio vascular system can hold some weight abeg.

More fluids to keep the body going (Earl grey which is like Lipton that studied abroad, and oolong which is like green tea) and then breakfast was English pear and an apple.

Lunch was sweet potato porridge garnished with ponmo and smoked fish with homemade naturally sweetened zobo, and dinner was a pineapple and Apple smoothie which I found too sweet. My cucumbers spoiled, otherwise it would have been pineapple and cucumbers. I added some chia and hemp seeds tho.

A waste of these high fibre energy giving seeds as dinner anyways. They are better as breakfast to power your day. Now with all that power it provides, I’m going to sleep. Lol

Did a 15min workout as I watched Fifa awards and even though I was for Salah, I knew Modric deserved it.

So glad it ain’t Ronaldo. Proud human. Knew he wouldn’t win so didn’t turn up. Juve dey show am. E never hala.

Ok stop hating Eziaha… Lol

Today, I started keeping a food diary. More of that later on this journey .

Total steps today?

Almost 10,000. Whoop.

The morning and the evening, the second day. Biggest temptation? Nothing really. Was too busy to even be tempted. Oh I had yellow crackers too. I forgot. Lol.

Fluids really are a huge part of weightloss for me.

My current stash. Plus water.

So I stay drinking like a fish. The more times I go to pee, the more steps I rack up… WIN-WIN

Sleep calls

See you tomorrow by GOD’S grace. Ask your questions too…

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