Day 3 baby… But is your goal not unrealistic, CoachE’? #10KGIN6WEEKS

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Time check is 12.30am and this is when I am just finding the time to blog about my Day 3.

Few minutes earlier, I finished what was to be my night workout.

I have had a full day and still I have 2 more meal plans to prep and send after I post this blog before I go to bed. Then I have to wake at 5.30am and prep for the day.


Adult life.

The normal life.

But we won’t shirk on our responsibilities because we are BUSY.

BUSY with life?

No Sis, life will ALWAYS happen so we need to find a way to adapt life to include the things that we MUST make time for.

It will NOT always be perfect, easy, black or white. Somedays, the twist you have to do to be productive will be so ugly you would almost be nauseous but you still give it your best and live to fight, or twist and get twisted, another day.

A few things are important to me in this season and my #10kgIn6weeks weight loss issa big one. I actually don’t like slow things so I want this done and over with as fast as possible. Plus, I prefer a lepa me so I set the bars high and I am willing to work harder, and give this everything

One of my Squaddies asked me why I was setting what I always called an unrealistic goal, meanwhile I tell them to aim for 0.5 to 1kg weight loss a week.

I told her that cos I am in this business and I know my body and limits, I am willing to push and work even harder to get it done. The reason I never want anyone to have such goals or try to be like me is cos I know MOST people cannot. When I shared the extent of how hard I was willing to work with my Squaddies, one of them said I WAS SCARING THEM lol

Let me explain my day.

I slept at about midnight and woke just before the turn of 6am, went for a 30min morning run,

came in and saw my son off to his bus, cleaned up, did all my coaching work and came to pray.

By then I had had at least 3L of teas and water and this was before 10am

My staff was here at 10 and it was work work work until she left at 5pm

I am also sorting out my December event and that’s taking my time too.

Plus, the 2 books I am reading which I have to be INTENTIONAL about or I will hold on to one book until December… forming busy…

Son back at 4, and that adds to the work. Even with all the work, so many things were left undone as at 6 when hubby came in. I even planned to go do hair and nails and look like beta pickin today but no time lol…
Oh btw, these were all the meals I had today, right in my food diary

My help makes the BEST moimoi and that was what was for dinner tonight, but cos say I no plan am, I didn’t eat it. Infact I stayed away from that part of the house cos it was smelling all over…

Serious temptation. I won’t say they should not eat cos I am trying to lose 10kg. Of course, moimoi is not bad but I had a plan to stick to, and didn’t want temptation. Cos one piece can enter 3 now, lol.

Once hubby and the kids were asleep at 8.30, I came back to my work desk and more work work work, including my article for the week for The Guardian and The Lady’s room, then meal plans and more work until my eyes were literally closing, then I jumped up to work out.

I knew working out will pump me with energy so at midnight, I got to it. I got hungry at some point as I worked so I had that extra apple.

I am typing this after my workout…

Meanwhile cumulative today, I must have downed 10L of fluids… This fluid biz helps my weight loss ministry.

I haven’t even finished the last 2 meal plans and I really don’t want to disappoint. They are premium Clients and prefer meal plans for Wednesday instead cos they can’t shop weekends…

So, I wanna tidy things up for them as I am out of office almost all day tomorrow. Going to see a sister girl…

I should be done with both plans in about an hour. Then I finally catch some sleep, at no later than 2am, then wake again at 6am, do my morning drill then off to my friend’s house

So, don’t wanna imitate me please. I’m CRAZY but graced for my own race. Be inspired instead to give your own journey your ABOLSUTE BEST!!!

Love you!!!

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