Do you even FEAR/RESPECT the scale?#Day4&5 #10kgin6weeks challenge

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Hey people…

So sorry I missed yesterday. Got in super late and exhausted. Yawl know I keep a FOOD diary yeah? So this is what went down yesterday.

Plus loads of water and teas. Also went for an over 1hour long walk with my dumb bells…

So yesterday was good.

Food wise and workout wise.

Infact my steps were plenty too. Over 20k steps and then you get everything green

Water and teas were not as good. May have been under 4L cos I was out of home so I controlled it.


Went for my usual run. It was less than 30mins tho. But it was powerful.

Not pregnant tho but here’s a throwback to 37weeks.

In and out of the belly.

Here’s what I had as meals

Btw, here’s how to make oranges fill you up good

That was breakfast

Then I added a few plates of salad


Both salads are from my squaddies. I love when people put love into meal prep and presentation.

And I love Linda’s workout tee


Do hard things baby…

Ok so this was lunch

My squaddies esp Babajide drilled me wella on it haha.

It was a full lunch… moimoi, egg, turkey, oil free veggies to which I added some ponmo and smoked fish. Was literally my main meal for the day. I knew I wasn’t doing dinner…

So this was dinner

1 cup oolong, 1 cup flavoured tea.

Ok so on to my fear or respect for the scale

Was telling my squaddies today that some of them have mind sha. To cheat or indulge on Thursday or Friday. Hmmm. When I’m on a WEIGHTLOSS journey, I monitor my progress every week on the scale. Usually Saturdays. Now, in all truth, I never ever let scale results discourage me to the point of giving up. Nah. But Thursdays and Fridays, I give everything in preparation for Saturday morning when I climb that scale. I don’t want any rubbish eating to impact on my figures instead I wanna lose as much as I possibly can without spoiling it cos of long throat. I tell ya…

It’s real respect and fear and it’s healthy…

But I never give it enough power to discourage me. So if I do my best and the scale doesn’t move, I repeat the same the next week.

I’m committed to my goals. I hate logging unwanted and removable fat from my body. Lol.

So to cheat on a Thursday or Friday is not possible. Lailai.

Ok I’m feeling up to a night workout. I’ll probably roll with keaira or Billy Blanks Junior. May or may not do it. No wahala either way.

Here’s my FitBit summary for today.

MY steps go reach 10k sha.

Plus my water and teas game was good too.

Good night folks.



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