Week 1 wrap up and RESULTS… #10KGIN6WEEKS

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What do you do when the scale doesn’t show you the figures you THINK you deserve?

Well Hun, you KEEP ON GOING!!!

So, I woke and climbed the scale today and the STUPID scale showed 83.3kg from 84kg. Imagine. LESS THAN 1KG yet I had the cleanest week.

Worked out literally daily, more days I did twice. I ate clean. Like, if you were tracking with me on the blog, you would see that. I kept a meal diary and all I ate was what I recorded.

But do I feel bad? Frankly no. Cos I understand this gig and I know that CONSISTENCY goes a long way!!!

So, I missed the last 2 days so here goes
Day 6 Friday and Day 7 Saturday

Was at a training all day. Didn’t work out on Friday but I did on Saturday

Here’s a screen shot of all I ate from my Food diary

This first week, I didn’t have a meal plan, but I planned what I wanted to eat daily. It was a pretty clean one I followed.

This week though, I have printed out a meal plan and will keep it in the kitchen. I am actually doing the same thing as my Squaddies who are detoxing this week.

Ok now on to the non-scale victories. I am definitely tracking that weekly too.

First of all, I feel super lighter so I wasn’t surprised that per inches, I had dropped some good inches

Week 0: 38.5-35-45
Week 1: 36.5-33-43.54

Imagine. 2 inches off the bust and waist and 1.5 inches off the hips

Now see pictures

Even as I wore the pants, I already knew I had dropped cos it wasn’t uncomfy tight again.

Ditto the bum shorts.

And see belle that was dropping is now standing haha

Ok so I should be back this evening with Week 2 Day 1

Now my hubby needs to join me cos he now weighs 75kg lol. Which is my own ideal weight.

When he moved to join us in Lagos in October last year, he was 62kg. In fact, I think he was 59kg but he insists. Anyways less than 1year and he is 13kg heavier. WE NO GO GREE abeg lol

He is now officially on my weight loss squad. Haha

Happy Sunday yawl…
Let me go grab my veggie eggs breakfast

Plus teas and water…



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