Week 2, Days 3&4… #10kgin6weeks weightloss challenge… A LESSON ON BALANCE!!!

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Hey Squad,

Thanks for tracking with me on this journey.
So ill start by saying that Tuesday was a DISASTER when it came to food.

I woke up, took a long walk with hubby.

The plan was to pass an abattoir where they kill goat and then buy goat meat for the month, but for some reason, they weren’t there that morning. Anyways, made a mental note to come back later. We don’t do beef in my home and so the only red meat we do is goat meat which is really healthy cos it is lean meat so has less fat and cholesterol matter, which usually is associated with red meat. Prefer to actually buy from the butchers’ cos it is CHEAPER yay. And so fresh. Anyways, up till today we still never buy am lol.

Back to the walk.

Sha walked back home and then I had breakfast of fish head peppersoup. Titus fish. Then hubby and I had plenty waka and off we went.

One of such places was computer village and I was CRAZY hungry. I had just an apple there though and then an English pear. I am actually struggling to recall all I ate so I simply whipped out my food diary to remember. I love keeping a food diary.

You can download any via playstore or print out one thanks to pinterest

Keeps me accountable cos as I am writing it down, if I ate rubbish, it will just be peppering my life lol… it takes DISCIPLINE to stick to that routine tho…

Anyways, I had another Apple and 2 pieces of turkey when I got home and flew to the market.
Ok so I am starting the Daniel fast next week and that pretty much bye-byes all kinds of meat, so this week I am eating as much meat as I can eat lol.

So, in the market, I had like 6 pieces of ponmo. I am a HUGE FAN of ponmo, but I still can go weeks without it. I like it but it doesn’t own me.

Anyways, this one in the market was SO GOOD and the pepper wasn’t plenty. Not a pepper fan. Normally I would have 2 to 4 but that’s how Eziaha had 6!!!


Then coconut candy.


If you don’t know it, it is this snack made with sugar and coconut. It is my market treat but after that ponmo, I should have ignored it. But no. I had N200 worth.

I was just consoling myself that all the waka I had done that day ehn, I needed to replace it so I don’t faint. It was a crazy day. See my Fitbit summary for that day na.

Everything GREEN

Smashed ALL MY RECORDS, even Fitbit was dashing me badges upandan…

23.5km imagine.

Over 25k steps. Abeg I needed that ponmo and coconut candy… LOL

And the 2 cups of Fruit and Fibre I had when I got home…

Ok so I wrote yesterday on buying ‘expired’ FnF and the chick I gave a pack to told hubby it was tasting funny. I was like huh, does she know how FnF tastes normally. Cos it tastes NOTHING like Frosties oooo incase she thought haha.

So, I was tempted to open and taste. 1 cup turned to 2 cups ooo
Turns out it was fine… the Fruit n Fibre.

Just felt like I ate a lot that day, especially cos this week is detox week and FnF no suppose enter.

Anyways, here comes BALANCE

I decided that the next day, I would balance everything!!!

So, come Wednesday, I woke up with a headache. Tuesday waka wore me out so I knew I couldn’t afford a workout, but my meals were gonna be clean.

I had cucumbers, garden eggs, few grapes, apple, pear, oil free veggies and turkey, and 1 pack of yellow crackers and a bottle of home made zobo sweetened with only pineapples…

Then of course loads of water and green tea and flavored tea.

Was really hungry at night so I just brushed my teeth to tell my body we don close for the day, chuk my eye into my study note, and went to sleep afterwards

Funny a friend came to see my yesterday and she kept wowing at how hot I looked as a mom of 2. Lol. It’s funny though. I thought I had added weight significantly cos the scale showed me plus 10kg and really my cloths got tight, but the chick made me feel like I hadn’t changed. Could my scale be faulty?

Anyways that’s why I have my non-scale parameters too.

My goal is still to see 75kg on the scale abeg so if I have SIGNIFICANTLY more inches than scale victory, I may need to change my scale…

SIDE GIST: My Doctor just gave me a CRAZY report on my health lol. I almost fainted. I have been dealing with a certain reaction and her verdict no be here. I’m done with Doctors… She actually said my body has been COLONISED by XXX. COLONISED!!!! Chilllleeeeee, I eat clean ooo lol. She says it could be stress. I just want to sleep.

Ok back to my gist…

Both are important I would say… SCALE and NON-SCALE and even though the scale can be crazy at times, you must be sure that you are NOT cheating here and there and saying the scale is not moving.

To thine own self, BE TRUE!!!

See yawl weekend.

My weigh in will be Sunday and I can’t wait to share with you all, no matter the results.

What a ride this has been…



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