Days 5&6,Week 2 #10kgin6weeks weightloss challenge…My biggest weapon for weightloss

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On Thursday, I woke up and all I really wanted to do was go back to sleep, but that wasn’t how I wanted my day to start, so I dragged myself out of bed, did all my morning routine and hit the street for a run

Then attacked my day!!!

On that run, I was tired.

The next day, the same thing

I didn’t feel like it, but let me tell you sis, I gave everything. See as I look like I peed on myself. Lol.


On the streets, I thought about my biggest weight loss weapon being MY MIND!!!!

Everytime I’m on a WEIGHTLOSS related journey, I win that battle first in my mind. I shut down my flesh and any suggestions it may have…

I’m tired…

I want to sleep….

I’m craving XYZ…

Just eat this now…

Sleep a little longer…

I just shut it down and put my mind in BEAST MODE.

That’s how I lost 30kg in about 4months

That’s how I added just 12kg in my second pregnancy as opposed to the almost 40kg I added with my first

The mind….

The place where the battle is won…

Or lost…

Which is why when people say

I’ll try…

Let’s see how I feel…

Maybe I’ll work out in the evening…

I can already guess THEY WONT!!!

Cos you are still not DEFINITE about it.

You haven’t engaged your mind in FULL BEAST MODE…

Nothing easy about WEIGHTLOSS so you gotta win first within before the victory shows without

The same thing with food.

I’ve seen people join my Squad having OBLITERATED FAT in their minds, so they attack the meal plan full on. They are not saying


I’ve never tried cabbage soup

I hate garden eggs

I don’t like to drink water

They are just like

GIMME THIS MOUNTAIN, I’m gonna do whatever I need to do, so far it doesn’t kill me, to take down this FAT.

They are open to trying new things.

The believe me when I say we eat not only for taste all the time, but for nourishment and OUR GOALS.

Which is why hubby returned with pizza last night and even though it would have been good for my tastebuds, it wasn’t good for my GOALS so I ignored him and it.

I love my GOALS more.

I hate FAT more than I love pizza.

One of my SQUADDIES said how she was so determined when she joined the Squad to give this everything that for her first breakfast, she saw only 1 Apple or so on her meal plan and so that was all she ate, and didn’t even feel hunger until much later.

One Apple no be food and was certainly NOT what I put but she was DEAD DETERMINED in her mind…

Oh and I recall this squaddie who is in today to motivate my Squad like we do most weekends…

She joined me in Feb for 12weeks. Lost just a little under 10kg. Felt discouraged but kept pushing.

10months later, look at her.

I’m still saying WOW!!!! Like, I spy abs forming.

My sister, impossible is in the mind

And so are endless possibilities.

Get your flesh to shut da hell up…

Win that battle in the mind

But be sure your STRONG SPIRIT is along for the ride….

Get it girl!!!

Get it…

Happy weekend. And I’ll be back tomorrow to share my week 2 results.

And I’m purposely not adding my food diary pix. I ate clean though.



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