#10kgin6weeks Week 2 round-up, RESULTS and hindrances to weightloss

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Hey Squad,

Week 2 was super amazing. I am looooving my results. First on the scale, I have lost 2.5kg in 2 weeks,

which would have been more but for my hubby’s birthday on Saturday where I had more than my fair share of peppered goat meat and ponmo.

It was SO GOOD. Added it to my oil free veggies. Actually, I didn’t have that much, but I know what ponmo can do, but hey, look at my pictures…

I actually feel a crazy lot lighter. My dresses and more comfortable and I’m just rocking this thang!!!

Recently, I retrieved some of my stuff from school that were in my in-law’s home in Ibadan, saw an old gown and decided to try it on Sunday.

This was 6years ago…

As hubby was zipping, I told myself it won’t close I’m sure but let me try. IT DID.

Whoop!!! Tight around the hips tho, but I know it will fit better in 2weeks.

Let me just post my meal diary for Friday and Saturday.

This chocolate cake was SO GOOD.

My Saturday morning workout was just one kain. Woke up and my gas was leaking from all over. Phew. Thank God for protection. Had to waka plenty to find a fixer, but even ended up buying a new one.

Wasn’t happy to spend all that unplanned cash, but hey, can we thank God for snatched waistssssssssssss!!!!

When I saw those pix, I knew my inches had further gone down.

You see, I am sharing as openly as I possibly can with yawl cos I need you to know that THIS THING WORKS.

And even though it is not the easiest, it gets easier the more you DO IT!!! And your results further motivate you.

And like my last post said, this battle is first won in the mind. WE CAL ALL LOSE WEIGHT.

What separates those who actually lose weight from those who don’t would be THREE major things…
(And now, I am talking of those who are armed with the right knowledge and/or Coach like me…)

1. Laziness. Or unrealistic expectations

I think a lot of us think once we throw money at a weight loss program, that’s IT. The results auto jump on us. We forget that weight loss, like most lifestyle changes, are notoriously difficult and so you can’t be thinking it wont cost you beyond money, or having unrealistic expectations. That’s how someone asked me if she could lose 7kg in one week, and she actually MEANT IT!!! Phew

2. Lack of patience.

Linked very closely to Point 1.

You want results in the first 2 nano-seconds of getting on your weight loss journey.

No sis, we all gotta be patient

3. Inconsistency.

I am not sure which annoys me the most of the 3 but I hate INCONSISTENCY generally in life and then with weight loss. And it’s even worse when INCONSISTENT people EXPECT results!!!!

It is VERY PAINFUL for me as a Coach because I am also eagerly expecting your result, and playing my part hard, then a Squaddie decides that she will give the scale so much power, weigh herself daily, CHEAT, give up, start again, give up again, UGH!!! and then feel bad that she hasn’t seen 1kg ever consistently drop week in and week out.

Ok I think this consistency is what annoys me the most and because I am SO UPSET, I will just end this post right here.

Let me be back Tuesday to share my Week 3 so far. I look forward to dropping 2 to 3kg this week. I am just trying to divorce my love for meat and chicken.


I was to start the Daniel fast this week but I didn’t get a chance to prep for it yet so next week then… But now I’m motivated to do the DF cos it looks like my chicken love is tryna win…

Keep well guys…


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