3 ways to beat a WEIGHTLOSS PLATEAU…

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First a disclaimer…

This post is not for those who have not been committed to their weight loss journey and so the scales and inches are not shifting in their favor. That is not a plateau, that’s your result.

However, there are some who are giving their absolute best and the weight has been dropping then suddenly, PLATEAU. Stagnation. Your best efforts yield little to nothing. Ehen, those are the ones I wrote this post for…

With that clarified, lets get right into it…

There was a season my weight loss journey that I hit a plateau. I would be excited about weigh in Saturday after a great week of high compliance, only to climb the scale and see that NOTHING happened. One-time sef, I gained weight. This can be very frustrating to your journey, but knowledge always sets things straight so I started to research the problem.

Here are 3 things I tried and worked for me…

1. Change your meal portions and plan…

You need to disrupt what was if you are going to break a plateau. So, ditch your regular weight loss compliant meal plan and eat a bit more, and a little dirty. Operative words are ‘little & bit’. Don’t totally ball out of control lest you find it so hard to get back on track.

So personally, I would have a few small fried chops, eat a little later at night and just work on gaining intentionally 2 to 3kg. If you do this for 10days to 2weeks, you have succeeded in messing things up conveniently. If you gained 5kg and above, you just lost the brakes on discipline. Good luck finding it…

2. Disrupt your workout routine.

I would have said STOP but I don’t recommend that cos workouts are not just for weight loss, they help your entire body system function better. So, I would say disrupt. If you used to run a lot, stop and start say dancing at home. If you used the elliptical at the gym, take up skipping or lift weights. Just change what you are used to. Ideally, 4 to 6 weeks is enough time to stick to one routine. After 6 weeks max, do something else. I go as far as 6weeks cos sometimes you need to go deep with a certain routine to see results. Personally, I am on a 6week abs program now and anything less than 6 weeks wont even be optimal.

I also love to do 30day challenges too. I love what they do to your discipline level, but as always, the law of diminishing returns can set in and you don’t see as much results again. So, switch things up in the workout department baby

3. Be patient and don’t stop…

You see, patience and consistency right there with knowledge are my top 3 weight loss weapons. Just be patient girl. The worst thing to do is be frustrated to quitting on the journey. Apply steps 1 and 2, and don’t be tempted to do all those stupid cleanses and teas. Just do as I say and then be patient

Once you have done 1 and 2, and you have gained some weight, after 2 weeks, pick things up again, per your meal plans and workouts, and I would recommend you begin with cardio like skips, running and aerobics, you would see the fat start to be incinerated again…

All the best, Darlings


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