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3 easy hacks to help you EAT LESS

Hey Fit-Squad, I hope we are crushing our fitfam 2019 goals. I did this amazing post on The Lady’s room website where I shared a few tips to ensure your goals are achieved. Find it here. But this is not why we are here. To lose weight, you MUST watch

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CoachE’s Merry Christmas

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. Even if you are broke, somehow things sha happen that bring some cheer. People are more generous at this time and chances are high that the generosity go sha reach your side… I recall Christmas 3 years ago… It was

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What sweating tells you about your workout

I am a sweater. Pretty much 2.7seconds into my workout, the girl is sweating buckets. It is now infinitely worse when the source of ventilation or cooling is not directly stationed on, or at least favoring me. Gosh, it can feel like someone put me in a steam bath. If

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3 ways to beat a WEIGHTLOSS PLATEAU…

First a disclaimer… This post is not for those who have not been committed to their weight loss journey and so the scales and inches are not shifting in their favor. That is not a plateau, that’s your result. However, there are some who are giving their absolute best and

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Healthy Living/Weight loss and your period

The appearance of my period is always a happy time for me cos once again, I am not pregnant. #TwoBoysAndDone This morning, I am EXCITED and then I thought about how Ms Flo is affected by your fitness journey. This will have some personal stories too. First and the biggest

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Why I changed my workout routine…

Happy New week and New month guys… Recently, I wanted better results from my workouts so I reduced skipping from 5000 to 1000 daily… It sounds wrong right? How do you want better results and reduce your workout? GOALS!!! That is the simple answer. Going for your goals requires wisdom

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Always hungry? Here are 5 ways to FIGHT IT!!!

Challenging the urge to eat can be a huge deal. For some, every day issa battle and mostly a losing one, which of course erodes our self confidence and decreases the urge to even keep fighting. Then we give up, and our weight keeps climbing and climbing till it starts

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