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Social Media Roundup

Hello Blog Fam It’s yet another edition of our Social Media Roundup where we bring to you a Roundup of what went down on our Social Media Platforms. If you have not followed us yet, please do, @coachesquad and on IG. its not possible to bring up everything that

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Hey beautiful Preggos… Ok I have to start on a MOST EXCITING and HONEST note. Ah!!! There are MANY TIMES I have NEAR given up on SavedFit&Pregnant because it didn’t SEEM like it was achieving ANY PURPOSE at all. My Preggos didn’t wanna work out even when they could. They

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Now that YOU are pregnant, 3 things to do.

Ah, how utterly amazing to see those 2 red lines, or hear the Doc say YOU ARE PREGNANT, especially in a planned and highly welcome pregnancy. Ok, so pregnancy confirmed, how do you enjoy a FIT and HEALTHY pregnancy? I will share 3 simple changes I put in place immediately

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Dear CoachE’, Can I lose weight in pregnancy?

Question… Can I lose weight while pregnant? ANSWER?  YES and NO. I will explain. First, hello and welcome to my blog. My name is CoachE’ and I am a Health and Fitness Coach. I help women get fit and strong enough for their God-given assignments. Preggos inclusive. Today, I wanna

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THIRD TRIMESTER? Three things to do…

So like yawl know, I write for The Guardian Nigeria and for The Lady’s room, and while I love writing for both, I love the absolute freedom writing for my own self gives. If you don’t know, every platform has its rules and regs which you must follow, so I

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