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2019 Fitfam Resolu-what?

Happy New year, yawl. Gosh 2018 was such a GOAL at CoachE’Squad Ltd. we smashed on so many levels and after God, I have you all to thank, so THANK YOU!!! I look forward to a 2019 that blows 2018 exponentially out of water for us all. Amen!!! Ok so

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Week 1 wrap up and RESULTS… #10KGIN6WEEKS

What do you do when the scale doesn’t show you the figures you THINK you deserve? Well Hun, you KEEP ON GOING!!! So, I woke and climbed the scale today and the STUPID scale showed 83.3kg from 84kg. Imagine. LESS THAN 1KG yet I had the cleanest week. Worked out

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