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Social Media Roundup (Sun 22:07:2018 – Sat 28:07:2018)

Hello Fam, It’s been an exciting/fruitful week altogether, I hope it was for the you. My help has returned finally…. yayyyyyyyy. 2 weeks seemed like 2 years (phew). Anyway, onto the business of the day, what have we been up to this week on our social media platforms. Hey mamas,

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Social Media Roundup

Hello Blog Fam It’s yet another edition of our Social Media Roundup where we bring to you a Roundup of what went down on our Social Media Platforms. If you have not followed us yet, please do, @coachesquad and on IG. its not possible to bring up everything that

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Social Media Roundup (Sun 8:07:18 – Sat 14:07:18)

Hey Blog Fam It’s been a long weekend. Mamas in the house, how has the holidays been? Remember you are GRACED for every season. Ok let’s run through what went down on our IG page. Lets start with something funny. I mean who doesn’t like to laugh? “Slowly steamed hand

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Team #FitFam and PROUD ABOUT IT!!!

Hey yawl, Welcome to a new month and a brand-new week. June is my FAVE month of the year for the obvious reason of it being my birth month, and I am celebrating my birthday this year with my Stay At Home moms. Find details on my personal Eziaha Dotcom

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